#31 | Karl Callan and Emma Fagan: on the ‘Repeal’ Short Film

Karl Callan and Emma Fagan: on the ‘Repeal’ Short Film and its Intended Message

In this hugely relevant and important episode of Sparking Change, Dil speaks to Karl Callan and Emma Fagan about the short film, ‘Repeal’, in the lead-up to the referendum on repealing the eighth amendment.

Karl Callan is a writer, director, actor and producer. After starting out his career as an actor in Dublin, he has since shifted his focus to behind the camera, where he has written and directed three short films. The latest of his films, ‘Repeal’ has accumulated more than 80,000 views less than a week after its release.

Emma Fagan is the PR manager for ‘Repeal’. She has over ten years of experience in project management and has a strong background in film, having worked as marketing manager for Fingal Film Festival, and currently working as a reviewer for Scannain.

In this episode, Dil speaks to Karl and Emma about what brought Karl’s attention to the issue of the eighth amendment and why he decided to make a film regarding the issue, how Emma came aboard to help Karl with the PR side of things, how Karl managed to make the film with no financial backing, as well as the film itself, and Karl’s intended message behind it. They also discuss the deeper issues surrounding the referendum, such as the stigma in discussing abortion openly and honestly, the standard of sex education in Irish schools, and the onus that is on men to engage with this issue—‘to stand side by side with the women of Ireland and fight with them.’

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