Learn Something From Your Loneliness

The phenomenon of living in the digital era is that despite being connected all the time via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, blogs and so on the number of people feeling lonely could be increasing. To run from this state of mind men and women immerse themselves in study or work and start registering on numerous dating sites hoping to find a person who will be able to make them happier. Though, as time passes by, loneliness may not disappear. There are sites, uk.cupid.com, for example offer you potential matches based on shared hobbies and interests, but it is you who should find the roots lying deeper than it may seem.

Before visiting any psychiatrist, life-coach or guru and wind up spending a great sum of money, try not to treat loneliness as a trial or trouble in life, but as a new opportunity. That may sound weird and even impossible, at first, but the reasons below are here to help you form a positive attitude towards loneliness and utilising your time alone.

  • Living together, or even just dating, can take a lot of energy and time. Strong relationships require attention and effort. No surprise then, that your own goals and dreams can remain unfulfilled and sometimes forgotten. Being alone is a great chance to shine a searchlight on your individuality. When did you last spend time on your hobbies? When was the last time you tried something new? What did you like to do as a child? What made you happiest back then? Getting back to your core roots of happiness, those original moments of bliss, could spark something new in you.
  • For an ordinary life people want to get a good education, buy a car, build a successful career, find a significant other, create a family, buy a big house and raise children. In an effort to win this race we sometimes lose our individuality, wave goodbye to our talents and even do not realise our full potential. Being alone is a great opportunity to take dance classes, become a volunteer, learn how to paint, get into sports or take singing lessons. It is time to fulfil your dreams however naïve or crazy they might be. 
  • Loneliness is a good teacher. It teaches us how to appreciate a new relationship. Having experienced a lonely period of life, you’ll gain direction and realise your priorities. You can compare what is best for you. Being alone will teach you to look at yourself from the outside and spot those features of your personality that you need to work on in order to be in a relationship and be happy.

In other words, loneliness can be a long road, but it can lead to great changes in your life. Take the positives from the situation. 

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