How to Unlock the Full Potential of your Amazon FireStick?

When we talk about the best streaming device that is available at a cheaper price, Amazon FireStick device will always come at the top of the list. It’s fast, especially if we talk about FireStick 4K and it’s extremely user-friendly. It works with all kinds of streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, Disney Plus, and so on.

Yet, you can still improve your FireStick performance by unblocking its full potential. In this guide, I will be discussing some of the tips and tricks you can perform in your FireStick that will help you reach its full potential.

Best FireStick Tips and Tricks to Unlock Full Potential

Here’s a look at the tips and tricks that have helped me make the most out of the device. They are simple to perform and completely safe to use:

1. Jailbreak FireStick

“Jailbreak” is a process of side-loading third-party apps that are not officially available on the Amazon app store. When you jailbreak FireStick device, you can then access to thousands of movies, TV shows, live sports, 1,000’s of live TV channels, and more.

To accomplish that trick, you first need to enable ‘Apps from Unknown Sources’, an option that is available within the Developer option in the Settings.

This means, you can install any APK (Android application package) from the internet. However, be sure to use a VPN when you download or stream free content from these apps. These APKs or third-party apps may contain malware or viruses that can slow down your FireStick and steal your personal information. We recommended using NordVPN for FireStick because of its strong encryption and great speed.

The APK sould only be installed using the Downloader app where you insert the APK URL and it starts downloading. After that, you can get access to tons of content for free.

Amazon FireStick

2. Use your Phone as a FireStick Remote Control

If your FireStick remote isn’t working or it’s been misplaced or lost, there’s no point spending money on a new FireStick remote when you can get it for free.

Amazon has introduced a free to use FireStick remote app that can be available on the Play Store. It can be downloaded and used for free. You just need to sync this remote app to your FireStick device.

Isn’t it a great option? Previously, this option wasn’t available and you had to spend about €20 on the new remote. This app will help you save some money.

3. Install Toggle Mouse for Certain Apps

Toggle mouse is an app that works as a mouse pad to navigate those apps that don’t work with Amazon FireStick. Some of the best FireStick apps that have been installed using their APKs might not work with your FireStick remote, which is why you need a Toggle Mouse app.

Mouse Toggle is itself a third-party app that can installed using its APK through the Downloaded method. Once you download and install this app, double tap the centre of your FIreStick remote to activate the FireStick mouse.

4. Cast your Mobile to FireStick

If you didn’t already know, Amazon FireStick gives you an option to cast your mobile device on your FireStick, both Android and iPhone.

Both of these phones have an option of screen casting in their settings menu. To use this trick, you will first need to long-press the Home button on your FireStick device. Upon doing that, you will see an option appear on your FireStick device, so click on Mirroring.

Now, go to your phone and activate screen casting. It will show you the devices that are available for mirroring, so choose the name of your FireStick and connect to it.

5. Clear Cache for Fasten Up FireStick

Over the long period of time, your FireStick device may tend to slow down because of all the apps you have installed. Some of the apps may act weird too because of that. So what should you do to fasten your FireStick device?

This trick will help you speed up your FireStick device. To do that, you need to clear cache by going into Settings, and then select Application, and then Manage Installed Applications.

Choose the problem app available on your screen and then select clear cache and clear data. By doing that, you will be erasing all of the unwanted storage that was consuming the device and the performance will improve.

Key Takeaways

Amazon FireStick is a marvellous device and you can do wonders with it. These are some of the tips and tricks I have mentioned that will help you unblock the full potential of the device.

Among them, jailbreaking is one of the great methods you can do to watch movies, TV shows, Live TV, from around the world. If you want to access channels that are available abroad, then you must have a VPN and connected to that country’s servers or otherwise you won’t be able to get access.

Another great tip that I feel the need to mention here is the remote app for FireStick which is now available for free and anyone can use this app to navigate FireStick with ease.