The Week on Twitter | Justin Trudeau, Enda Kenny, & the Grammys

This week, there were calls for Enda Kenny to step down as Fine Gael leader, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was desirable, and Valentine’s Day happened. The Grammys were also on this week, and Adele won lots of awards.

Pressure on #EndaKenny to step down as Taoiseach

On Tuesday, Taoiseach Enda Kenny admitted that he had not in fact met with Minister for Children Katherine Zappone prior to her meeting with Maurice McCabe. This called into question Kenny’s exact knowledge around Garda whistleblowers and the alleged smear campaign against McCabe.

Following this, many called for Kenny to step down as leader of Fine Gael including AAA/PBP’s Paul Murphy TD who stated that Kenny was known for having a “casual relationship with the truth.” Kenny has since remained adamant that he will continue in his role as Taoiseach to focus on Ireland’s “upcoming challenges”. Similarly, Fine Gael TDs have not yet commented on when their party leader is expected to step down from his duties, stating only that Kenny would know himself when the right time was.

A couple of days later, Kenny posed for a photo with some people. He happened to be holding the word ‘BYE’ in his hands. It was pretty good and lots of people tweeted about it.

#JustinTrudeau is good looking, people look at him

This week, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau paid his first visit to the White House since Trump’s inauguration. Trudeau was in Washington to discuss trade deals and to participate in a discussion about the importance of women in the workplace.

Trudeau is a good looking man. We all know this. He was good looking when Kate Middleton met him. He was good looking when Barrack Obama met him. All of these people gazed intently at Trudeau because he is good looking. And maybe also because he’s a nice guy and these people believe he is ideologically sound or they just happened to be looking at him a particular way in the public sphere and the internet latched onto this look and attributed unjustified feelings of longing to it and now many people seem to think that everyone in the world is in love with Justin Trudeau because memes hold more weight than real life occurrences. Either or.

This week, Ivanka Trump looked at Justin Trudeau in a particular way and Twitter talked about it for a few days. She looked at him in a particular way right before Valentine’s Day so naturally lots of people got excited and RTed lots of hashtag relatable Justin / Ivanka tweets. I was one of these people. I appreciate good content.

#Adele procures many a Grammy

On Sunday, the Grammys happened. Beyonce didn’t win album of the year and that’s kind of just what everybody talked about. I don’t know what else went on that night. Presumably very little.

Beyonce didn’t win album of the year because Adele won it instead. Adele also won record of the year, song of the year (I know) and best pop performance. Beyonce won being incredibly pregnant with twins and still looking like an absolute goddess so at least there was that.

Lots of people protested the fact that Beyonce did not win album or song of the year. Partly because she deserved it, but primarily because black artists are repeatedly being snubbed by the Grammys in favour of their white counterparts.

Here are some tweets feat. pictures of Beyonce, and one of Patton Oswalt.

#ValentinesDay happens, many boys done good

Tuesday was Valentine’s Day. It was a day where couples did some stuff together and spent a lot of money for no good reason other than capitalism and maybe because they love each other or something.

This Valentine’s Day a lot of people made fun of people who were posting on social media about how their Boy Done Good, i.e.: he bought them lots of nice things. However, very few people were actually posting on social media about how their Boy Done Good, i.e: he bought them lots of nice things. I’m sure their Boy Did Done Good, but everybody was fairly quiet about it this year, so that was fine.

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