#17 | Nineties Toys Part One: Tomagotchi & Stretch Armstrong

‘Even now whenever I smell JD and Coke I always think: Aah, Dreamphone.’

This week on Up To 90 your favorite comedy duo talk nineties toys: specifically our favourite vehicles for juvenile sadism ‘Tomagotchis’ and of course our old mate Stretch Armstrong.

We peruse fan websites dedicated to having a sneaky stretch, trace the joy in feeding an egg, the protracted horror of watching a pet live out its final moments in your Backstreet Boys pencil case and go through the many faces of Stretch all over the world. As we touch upon being forced to buy your own toys and making your Dad play heavily gendered games upon his return from the pub, we have some wonderful interjections from Orla of the ‘The Cellar Comedy Club’ and comedian Darren Lalor as they #getinvolved.

Have you suffered a traumatic experience associated with either of these two nineties toy classics? Have you too, suffered the indignity of being discarded in an attic for decades with only small black pants covering your vanity? Did you also paint your tomagotchis post-humously like the twisted sicko that is Emma Doran? We want your anecdotes! Tweet us or tag us @Upto90Podcast on Twitter and Instagram