#21 | Oasis

‘He’s like a man with a fork in a world made of soup.’

This week on Up to 90 we look at the band responsible for bringing Britpop into the mainstream: the iconic supergroup: Oasis. We debate the individual strengths of Noel versus Liam and map the Twitter fall-out between our two favourite Meath/Mayo hybrids, but first we look back on how this rock and roll phenomenon came into being.

Using their troubled Manchester background as divine inspiration, Definitely Maybe and (Whats the Story) Morning Glory? succeeded in capturing a mood that could only be paralleled with what the Kings of Grunge Nirvana were doing for disillusioned teenagers across the globe. The Gallagher brothers made it clear from the get go that they gave absolutely zero f*cks and their tempestuous sibling relationship made for some great Oasis anthems (even if it did also make for cricket bats across the head, split lips and cancelled tours).

We talk Knebworth—the largest outdoor gig of its kind in history and how 2.5 million Brits wanted to be there to see Oasis. We look back at Liam’s reoccurring ‘sore throats’ and heckling from the nosebleeds at MTV Unplugged, we touch upon their massive performance in the Point, Dublin in 1996 and how Noel paid Uncle Garbo a visit on The Late Late. Want to make 3 million pound sterling in one week? We tell you how (hint: write the biggest number-one single of recent memory).

Charting the rise and demise of this supergroup, our two favourite gingers look at stand-out tracks and just why this band are still on every nineties kid’s Spotify Playlist after all these years.

*Please note this episode contains the existence of other children. If you are either Liam or Noel Gallagher, please contact us directly on Twitter and Insta @Upto90Podcast.