#38 | Vanilla Ice

‘Lights, lights, baby.’

This week on Up To 90, we chat Robert Matthew Van Winkle aka Vanilla Ice. This 90s icon proves to be a lot more likeable than you’d think, as the girls dissect the rise and fall of the Hip Hop Man with those trademark boy-band dimples.

Vanilla Ice was a hip-hop artist who came up the rap ranks having supported the likes of Public Enemy, Run DMC and MC Hammer, only to cause a bit of a storm when he became the first hip hop artist to ever reach number one with his gargantuan hit ‘Ice, Ice Baby’.

160 million records later, Vanilla Ice is now living a ‘real life’ in Florida, raising kids and selling light fixtures with a distinctly tongue in cheek pitch. What happened to the millions? Why did he become involved with Ninja Turtles? How bad was his movie ‘Cool As Ice’? (Answer: very). What’s his beef with Eminem? Did Suge Knight really threaten to throw him off a balcony? What was the deal with his dalliance with Madonna? Why should you always ask Queen and David Bowie before ‘sampling’ their hooks? Did the hardened Emma Doran fancy anyone as a young hustler on the streets of Rathfarnham?

We answer very few of these questions but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t tune in to enjoy our usual weekly ramblings from a Dublin City Centre studio space on the trajectory of everyone’s favourite 90s cheesemeister.

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