#56 | John F. Kennedy Jr.

‘Of COURSE Madonna had a fling with him’

This week on Up To 90, we talk the progeny of an American dynasty – the life and death of John F. Kennedy Jr.

The young Kennedy stole the hearts of the world when he became the first baby to reside in the White House since 1893, and the young family presented an exciting new take on what had become an antiquated position.

His father’s assassination ended this dream of a new era and the young John soon found himself retreating to New York to live a more normal, low-key life with his mother and sister. More tragedy continued to beset the Kennedys as John navigated coming of age under intense media scrutiny. College failings, career aspirations and dalliances with famous movie stars only served to fuel pubic interest in the closest thing the States has ever had to a first son.

We discuss his childhood, tragic passions, political promise and the indelible mark left on a generation who had experienced the death of a charismatic, trailblazing Kennedy first-hand.

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