#7 | The Commitments & The Snapper

This week on Up To 90, Emma and Julie talk Rabbits and Curleys as they look back on Roddy Doyle’s seminal films The Commitments and The Snapper.

Emma identified with the latter so much, she actually went off and got pregnant in the summer of fifth year. It was all in a bid to earn the coveted title of ‘Roddy Doyle’s number one fan.’

Meanwhile, the penny finally drops with Julie as to what the point of the podcast is. We see Colm Meaney as the Father of Ireland, Andrea Corr is a disconcerting fairy-child and Julie is back with her gunky eyes (again).

Seems like Julie’s gunk is a regular thing so if you’ve advice for her, let us know! We’re on Twitter/Insta @Upto90Podcast