#14 | A History of Dublin Through Food

Episode 14 of With Relish is one we hold dear to our heart. The idea came to fruition in our first planning meeting back in April, long before we ever stepped foot into a studio. In the previous 13 episodes we have looked at Ireland’s food culture and history in many different ways, but this episode will take a look solely on the history of Dublin through food. This is one not to miss.

In order to properly delve into this weeks theme, we’ve decided to once again take the show on the road once more, visiting two of the countries most prominent landmarks in relation to Food and Drink.

In Part 1 of the episode, we take a tour of Dublin’s Victorian Fruit and Veg Market at Marys Lane in D1. We were delighted to be shown around by John Conroy, a local historian who knows the history of the market inside out. Aside from looking at its history, they guys also discuss what role the market will play in the community in years to come.

A walk inside Dublin's Fruit and Veg Market on Mary's Lane D1 With Relish Dublin Through Food
A walk inside Dublin’s Fruit and Veg Market on Mary’s Lane D1

In Part 2, we met Dr Mairtin Mac Con Iomaire in The Grave Diggers Pub in Glasnevin for a broader chat about Dublin’s food history over a bowl of Coddle and a pint of Guinness. You may remember Mairtin from our live episode as part of The Dublin Podcast Festival.

Mairtin takes us through the all manor of dishes and delicacies that are native only to Dublin, while telling us the stories behind many of them.

Part 3 of the show, sees the first every Coddle Roundtable Discussion take place in The Grave Diggers. Mairtin, Harry and Aoife are joined by Ciaran Kavanagh, a 7th generation owner of the pub to discuss his take on the classic dish as well as the varying recipes you are likely to see across the city.

A History of Dublin Through Food With Relish - HeadStuff.org
Harry, Aoife and Mairtin eating Ciaran’s Coddle at The Gravediggers Pub

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