Poetry Call for Submissions 2018

Poetry Call for Poetry Submissions

HeadStuff is re-launching its Poetry section. We want to publish the best in contemporary poetry, from Ireland and beyond. The section will not only be a place for showcasing new poetry and poets, but also a platform for discussion on poetry whether through interviews, essays or reviews. Every week we hope to bring you new voices, challenging insight and discussions on all things poetry related.

At HeadStuff, we want poetry that challenge reader’s pre-conceptions of what a poem is. We want poems with compelling and strong imagery, poems that are playful with language and sensitive to sound and form. Poems that are thoughtful about their place in the world, attuned to everyday life in all its absurd detail as well as poems that swell with curiosity.

We want readers to be enticed, delighted and challenged by poetry, giving readers a renewed sense of the limitless possibilities the form has to offer. Above all else, here at HeadStuff, we are looking for poetry that is unique, concrete and bold with language.

We have several categories, in which you can submit your work, listed below. We will be running competitions additional to the below throughout the year, so follow us on Twitter and Facebook for more information.

For any questions please email [email protected]

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Poem of the Week

Each week we select a ‘Poem of the Week’ to be published on the website every Friday. We are looking for poems in written form or audio/video recordings. Only high quality recordings will be considered for audio/visual pieces. Please include ‘Poem of the Week’, in the subject line of your submission.

Deadline: This is a continuous submission throughout the year. Please submit a maximum of three poems for this section.

New Voices

Each month we celebrate emerging poets under the age of 30. We will publish up to three poems from a single poet under the age of 30 in sequence. These could be written or performed and recorded. Please keep recorded performances no longer than 4 minutes. Please include ‘New Voices’ in the subject line of your submission.

Deadline: 1st of each month at midnight


Every month we publish a sequence of poems from one author. Please submit 3-6 poems that would be published together in sequence. We are looking for poetry that work as stand alone pieces, but also look to work together as a sequence whether through a narrative, their characters, imagery or themes. For this section we would strongly encourage poets to send in images, videos, photography that could be included alongside your poems. Please include ‘Unbound’ in the subject line of your submission.

Deadline: 15th of each month at midnight

Contributing Articles

If you would like to contribute Poetry Reviews/Interviews/Essays, Poetry Event Reviews or long form articles on poetry please do get in touch. We publish articles between 750-2000 words.

If you would like to write in the poetry section and haven’t written for HeadStuff before please send a 250 word proposal to [email protected]. Please do pitch ideas first to ensure your on the right track.

More details on submission guidelines can be found here 

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