Techno-Hacks | Strange Uses of Technology Around the Globe

Tech is all around us. Every. Single. Day. It lets us perform tasks with ease, stay in touch with loved ones over long distances, helps us get from A to B and it even saves us time and money. But there are strange uses of technology we either didn’t realise existed or that we knew about but has been adapted for other uses. Here are a few choice examples:

Chatbots Helping With Your Mental Health

For many of us living with mental health issues, anxiety or depression, some may feel like there is nowhere to turn, GPs can feel closed off and we may not want to disclose our feelings to friends or family – this is where chatbots come in.

An AI, that listens and allows you to explore your issues online may be the answer and ideal for those who don’t want face-to-face counselling. The tech is already being adopted in Ireland with students and has proved successful – offering them a safe space to discuss their feelings.

As Yvonne Kiely discussed in her piece here on HeadStuff regarding mental health chatbots: Research from the USI shows that 74% of students in Ireland fear that they will experience negative mental health in the future. Having a friendly neighbourhood chatbot for students who can’t make the time could, potentially, make a huge difference to their lives.

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Software That Can Do Everything For A Business

Gone are the days of excel sheets and paper forms. Businesses too are making to most of the available technologies and are taking on software that does everything for them. All they need to do is input the data and it can make a mountain of tasks seem like a stroll in the park.

ERP system software, for example, collates everything from marketing plans to sales to accounting and combines them all centrally in an easy to manage system. It is essentially accountancy software expanded, meaning businesses get everything they need in one place.

Geotagging A Boost To Your Social Media 

Every now and then there is a glitch in the system (no, I don’t mean Matrix-styled déjà vu) and it never takes long for people to take advantage. One such glitch was the case of geotagging on Instagram. Users discovered that by simply geotagging a post to Singapore – whether or not you even took your snaps there – the new follows, likes and shares they received were way above normal.

Many believed the trick promoted posts to the usually unattainable – for us non-influencer types at least – Instagram Explore page. The posts were usually deleted within 12-24 hours – not exactly in line with Instagram’s T&C’s – but the effect of the trick would have already taken effect. The perfect Insta-crime?

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Facial Recognition Stops Students from Skipping Class

In China, a professor has created a process that uses facial recognition to ensure students are not skipping out on class. As they enter each student must have their photo taken one by one, this is then matched with an image in the school’s database to confirm who they are. No need for a roll call, the software is saving time and ensuring no one can get away with missing the lesson. Unless you have an identical twin of course!

3D Printing the House of your Dreams

When we think of the uses for 3D printers, images of prosthetic limbs, NASA space cogs and terrifying undetectable firearms are what usually come to mind, but 3D printers can now be used to build houses. The hope is that this process could replace usual building methods in the future as it cuts cost and time – some models can be built in as little time as 24 hours. We can even solve the issue of equal living opportunities. Imagine providing cost effective properties everyone can afford and enjoy. This could be a real game changer.

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