UNBOUND | Four Poems by Yu-Hsuan Wu


By Yu-Hsuan Wu


Reality rises

one gesture

fictionalises one silver thread behind

the clouds


A dreamer passing by

looks through the implication of the cloud thread

he says: we bridge

the holy stairway to Heaven

no one climbs up

no one

goes down

the only thing we can do is

not forget

not forget the real silver thread

unable to fictionalise

the real stairway does

not reach anywhere


Yu-Hsuan Wu


By Yu-Hsuan Wu


Concerned that he might be dying

he then considers reality


he has so much water

to wash out his organs

but still fails to be

stronger than anyone


He is waiting under the scorching sun

never waiting for turning

letting time wash away

his every pause


At those moments

he breathes

once water drowns

he sinks to the bottom

along with the mud

rotating and then

speeding up again


Operating for a long while

the pause hardly intervenes bit by bit

he will transform into mud

walking under the scorching sun

unless he dies he

takes a deep breath

and pauses once and for all


Yu-Hsuan Wu

Rely On

By Yu-Hsuan Wu


Rely on

tree shadows

to conceal those metaphors too straightforward

—concerning escape

sunlight is not as deep

as what we expect

it still lights up the entire world

hints at all of the lines of escape


Rely on

the reflective sheet on the trees

they sparkle

without speaking any single principle

silently opening up their eyes

when we pass by


Yet we keep moving forward

they stay there


our direction

rely on our leaving

taking light away

taking our longing for light away


Perhaps somewhere

no metaphors

neither here

nor there

shimmer emerges



By Yu-Hsuan Wu


Accumulated outside

the squares

bear the burning sun

bear the wild grass

bear that one is more square than another


are so meticulous

even while lining up


Somewhere outside

a square is hooked

up high

and softly put down

even the square has no idea

why its own destiny

is so meticulous


Squares never know

they are loaded with parts of people’s lives

within themselves

so as to exchange ways of survival

with some other people

somewhere outside


Interacting back and forth

we should be a little bit more decent

while those that cannot be loaded into the squares

are held in hands by people

tightly and meticulously


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Photo credit: Yu-Hsuan Wu