Artist Spotlight | ’80s Group World Goes Round Arrive in 2021

Back in 1989, in Los Angeles, World Goes Round created their sensational debut album, There Is No Planet B—which is only now being released and shared with the world.

Being hot songwriters, singers, and musicians, the band members were working in the LA music scene of 1989. All four have extraordinary work histories, having written for, sung with, or played on records by, major artists and producers such as Queen, Linda Ronstadt, Chaka Khan, Brenda Russell, Jeffrey Osborne and numerous more.

Frank Musker, Elizabeth Lamers, Jeff Hull and Marty Walsh, also known as World Goes Round, then decided to take artistic control back into their own hands, recording an album with record producer Tommy Vicari. Thirty years after the recordings were made, the full-length album is now ready to be released. With only 7 of the 10 tracks being fully finished songs, the band went through their vaults and discovered another 3 tracks that made in onto the final album.


Tommy Vicari’s production gives the whole album its remarkable ’80s vibe and transports you straight back to that time. Overall, the album adapts to “sound modern” which makes it an even more promising release in 2021. The themes of the songs meet current challenges we are facing and express a feeling most can relate to, making the tracks sound as fresh and current now as they were back then.

The band dedicated the fourth track, ’Put It On The Line’, to all the everyday heroes around the world who put themselves on the line and in harm’s way each and every day for us. ‘Round The World’ is the perfect example of the deep desire to escape a life which is going nowhere, as it deals with the escape from a negative relationship. Written from a more optimistic perspective, it looks forward to a time when we can dream of travelling again. Its sunny, light-filled chorus marks a break with the past, taking the listener on a journey of embracing life in all its beauty.