Instagram Pick of the Week | Anthony Sands

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This week: Anthony Sands

What is Instagram for me?

It’s a great platform where I can easily discover new artists and get my work out to many other artists and people who wouldn’t have seen it otherwise.. And it’s cheap. As in, you don’t have to pay extortionate amounts of money to promote your work.

When did you start posting on Instagram?

Well, I decided to share my work there about two years ago. Before I had knuckle design, I would share my own work and connect with friends and artists I knew already and some really famous ones I knew from long ago. I loved it straight away because It’s an instant connection with the artists I knew but would otherwise not be able to talk to or learn from without it.. It’s actually proper amazing, thinking about it.

Anthony Sands | @knuckle_design
How would you describe your style?

I’d like to call it the cast of a punk silent movie in comic format.. Film noir in blue..  Maybe, maybe not..

What materials do you use?

I usually use ink to do the linework and colour digitally or occasionally I would paint the whole image with acrylics.

Anthony Sands | @knuckle_design
Who are your influences?

So many.. Troy Coulterman, Jean Giraud (Moebius), James Jean, Kevin McSherry, Boneface.. Loads..

Who are your must follow accounts?

Has to be Jaw Cooper, Pollynor and sholim_ – Have to put in a couple of ones that aren’t that famous aswell.. la_mermaid_illustration, sleepydolphin_ and jrooneyillustration


Anthony Sands | @knuckle_design