Instagram Pick of the Week | Izzy Rose Grange

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This Week: Izzy Rose Grange

What is Instagram for you?

I feel that Instagram has really taken over and it’s a great way to get your work out there, to see other work and to connect. I use it as a tool really. Its great for keeping people up to date with your work/process. 

Swatch | @izzyrosegrange
Why/when did you decide to start sharing your work there?

I started sharing my work on Instagram about 2 years ago. Then in the last year I have really made my work the focus of my Instagram account. I think more about what I post and how it flows and what I am trying to say with each post, although sometimes I’m not trying to say anything at all. It can also give people an insight into the process of making work. What I love seeing the most on Instagram is works in progress or seeing how an artists works in their studio. I like that you can make it as personal or private as you want. I throw in some more personal stuff too now and again to remind people that someone is behind the prints and drawings. 

Wild | @izzyrosegrange
How would you describe your style?

I would say that my work is primarily emotionally lead and is a method of exploring life, death and time. I think my work could be described as ephemeral, embracing the natural imperfections and accidents in art and printmaking. 

Zine | @izzyrosegrange
What materials do you mainly work with?

I am a printmaker, so I mostly make silkscreen prints and as of late I have been doing a lot more risograph printing. I often start ideas for prints in my notebook, drawing using fineliners, ink and oil pastels. Text/writing is another way my work manifests itself, I often use text/writing within my pieces. 

Separate | @izzyrosegrange
Who has been or currently is an influence on you?

Honestly, mostly the people around me. I am inspired by people in my everyday life that I see making and loving what they are doing. I think anyone who is making for the love of whatever it is is motivating. As well, those who are honest in their art, how they are and what they are saying is something I really can connect with and value. 

Water | @izzyrosegrange
What are your must-follow accounts on Instagram?

There are so so many but heres a few of my personal faves, @photogough @neildavidjame @risolve @damnfineprint @itsonestrongarm @jhopkinsprints @peopleofprint @lianafinck