50 Festive Favourites

50 Festive Favourites – The Greatest Christmas Songs Of All Time

  1. Santa, I Can’t Remember My Name – Larry Barry & The Barflies
  2. You’re Some Jesus For One Jesus – Big Jones
  3. It’s Lovely, Thank You – Eleanor Flamp
  4. Where Did You Leave The Replacement Bulbs? (You Do This Every Year) – Bing Crosby
  5. Nothing Tastes As Good As Christmas Feels – Kate Moss
  6. O O O O O O O Holy Night – CD Of O Holy Night With A Scratch On It
  7. Look At My Baubles – Red Hot Chili Peppers (1991)
  8. Christmas Is Hard In California – Red Hot Chili Peppers (2006)
  9. Santa On His Way Dip A Ducka Digga, Hup A Big Cheese Bug A Wig Wig Willa – Red Hot Chili Peppers (1998)
  10. The Sound Of The Wind Rushing Past Santa’s Ears As He Travels In His Merry Christmas Sleigh (Unedited 72 minute version ) – William Basinski
  11. The Elves Are In Town For Stephen’s Day (Shore Leave Song) – The Coronas

    the Coronas - HeadStuff.org
    The Coronas looking full of festive cheer. via musicindustry.ie
  12. Baby It’s Cold Outside So I Ordered You An Uber, I Respect Your Decision To Leave – Trey Woke
  13. Die Hard Is A Christmas Movie – The Hot Takes
  14. Die Hard Isn’t A Christmas Movie – The Hotter Takes
  15. Why Did We Buy A Full Smoked Salmon? – The Mams
  16. Bottom Of The Box Again – The Coffee Roses
  17. All I Want For Christmas Is For Someone, Anyone To Pay Their Water Charges – Alan Kelly & The Irish Water Singers
  18. Rodney Going Denna Denna Denna Denna Batman From The Only Fools And Horses Christmas Special – Nicholas Lyndhurst
  19. O Let Us Appreciate Him, The Boy Child, The One Who Has Come To Save Us, At Christmastime, When The Snow Is On The Ground, And People Keep Dying, In Ypsilanti – Sufjan Stevens
  20. Two, Three, Four Tubes Of Pringles – Caroline Jalopy
  21. Christmas Is A Time For Sleeping – The New Parents
  22. I Bought My Dog A Christmas Present But I Still Deserve Love – Charles Atlas
  23. Sex Christmas On Fire (Contractually Obligated Christmas Single) – Kings Of Leon
  24. I Love Christmas – Asher Roth
  25. Big Man On Krampus – Macklemore Feat. Notorious B.I.G.
  26. Christmas In Leixlip – Declan Kansas & Margo
  27. Jolly Holly Brolly Collie – The Wabbles
  28. LCD Soundsystem Reformed For Christmas But Didn’t Record Anything Or Play Any Gigs And Now We’ve Finished Again – James Murphy
  29. The Shittiest Reindeer – Jackson 5
  30. Christmas Crackers (Make Me Feel Blue) – Nat King Cole
  31. The Fields Of Athenry – The Best Fans In The World
  32. Drank On Eggnog (Drink It Up) – Beyoncé
  33. I’ve Trained Him Well – The Basics
  34. Don’t Take Risks On Treacherous Roads – Chris Rea
  35. Santa Isn’t Real (ly Going To Forget You This Christmas) – The Dad Who Nearly Ruined Everything
  36. Why Is It So Warm? (I Remember Snow) – Your Grandchildren
  37. Mistletoe & Brine (The Pickled Mistletoe Song) – Winner of MasterChef: The Professionals
  38. All I Want For Christmas Is You And This Picture Of Oscar Isaac – The Hurtful Partners
  39. The Screaming Christmas Pudding Who Could Feel Pain – Johnny Cash
  40. Peter Capaldi Sings Along To The Theme From Doctor Who – Peter Capaldi & the BBC Philharmonic Orchestra
  41. Standing Too Close To You At The Christmas Party – Brian From IT
  42. Engels We Have Heard On High – Jimmy Sommerville & The Communists
  43. Fast Sleigh – Tracy Chapman
  44. Tinselfuck Hitler Salute – Poorly Nigel & The Garrottes
  45. Do You Have Coke? My Usual Guy’s Gone Home For Christmas – The Weeknd
  46. I Was Born On Christmas Day – Kanye West

    she & Him - HeadStuff.org
    She & Him getting the Christmas party started. via pitchfork.com
  47. A Tasteful Christmas Jumper, A $15 Hot Chocolate, And You (Ooh Ooh Ooh) – She & Him
  48. Batteries  – Savages
  49. Like My Turkey On Instagram And I Will Make You More Powerful Than You Could Possibly Imagine – Taylor Swift
  50. Fairytale Of New York – Your Coworkers At 1am Tonight, Forcing You To Form A Circle And Put Your Arms Around Each Other’s Shoulders Always Forgetting That This Song Is Longer Than You Think
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