TD #24

Tittererer’s Digest #24 (feat. David O’Doherty)

Sometimes I stop and think about all the humour in the world. All the jokes, puns, japes, sketches, shows, gigs, podcasts, youtube clips, articles, tweets, all the funny little snippets of conversation you overhear as you’re out and about which will tickle nobody but you so you keep it to yourself. There’s a lot of humour to sift through once you start to look out for it with the intention of doing a weekly digest of humour and humour-related things. Sometimes I’ll miss things is what I’m getting at. This is only my second Tittererer’s Digest though. I’ll get better. Soon I’ll be a well-oiled humour digesting machine. In the meantime, here’s an incomplete list of some things.

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Clip Of The Week

It seems like only yesterday that Tara Flynn and Diarmuid O’Brien were satirising a disingenuous, faux-whimsical anti-marriage equality video with The Case For Mammy/Daddy Marriage  but the forces of disingenuous, faux-whimsical anti-marriage equality videos didn’t learn their lesson so Tara and Diarmuid are back with Making Things (Like Your Mind) Up about SSM

[youtube id=”DMaUKT6lFLs” align=”center” autoplay=”no” maxwidth=”550″]

Honourable mention goes to Conan O’Brien Reviews The Witcher 3:Wild Hunt

Podcast Of The Week

David O'Doherty is playing Whelan's this week and next -

The Todd Barry Podcast – David O’Doherty

In Ireland and the UK, David O’Doherty has been a famous comedian for years and years. In America, less so. At least that’s the impression he gives in this interview with Todd Barry. Maybe he’s being self-deprecating. Either way, it’s interesting to hear his thoughts on the US comedy machine and what’s it’s like to be a comedian who isn’t trying to pitch a sitcom in that environment.

Articles Of The Week

Emily Nussbaum writes about Amy Schumer’s multi-faceted approach to feminist humour in The New Yorker

The Toast’s Hey Ladies organise a baby shower

Ok, that’s enough to be getting on with. See you during the week. Bye. Bye. Ok. Bye. Oh you’re going this direction too? That’s hilarious. No, I was going to go in this direction but I just remembered that I forgot something in the other direction. Ok. Bye.