Tittererer’s Digest #30 (feat. David O’Doherty)

Hello there. Huge congratulations to HeadStuff’s humour editor at large Alan Maguire on his recent nuptials. He is, what the French would call, a “bon oeuf” (“a good egg”). I’ve only met Alan once in person at a book launch. I got drunk and ended up introducing myself to him twice. He didn’t point this out because he’s a class act. Unlike Alan I have no qualms against acting in self-interest as you will see shortly.

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Comedy Central’s latest is a cross between Keeping Up With The Kardashians and Downton Abbey starring the very funny Natasha Leggero and Riki Lindhome as a pair of wealthy sisters scheming their way into higher social standing. Featuring a supporting cast of ringers including Mad Men’s Christina Hendricks and Anchorman’s David Koechner, the first episode features the sister’s disastrous attempts to impress the Marquis de Sainsbury. Cocaine wine, a visit from Helen Keller and general insanity ensue.


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David O’Doherty is recording his third comedy album in Whelan’s tonight at 8PM. Stake your claim on mortality by being in the audience. Later when listening to it with your grandkids on a big electronic ear in the future you can tell them “That’s my laugh”.  Seriously, it’s going to be an amazing show and if it’s at all a possibility, you should go.

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However, if you go and can’t get in because it’s sold out, why not pop along to Anseo, Camden St. where the monthly mirth fest The Mess Around will be taking place. A show not above courting the overspill of another act’s fanbase, this month’s guests include the fantastic Gearoid Farrelly and the sketch group CHAOS THEORY. There’ll also be Joke Court (where comedians read out their worst jokes) and sketches from The Mess Around Gang.


“The Swap Meet Podcast”

Each week Dundalk based comedian Danny O’Hanlon and his buddy Niall McCann swap a pop cultural artifact and then meet up a week later to discuss it. This week the lads have swapped Billy Corgan’s band Zwan and Robert Zemekis’s Who Framed Roger Rabbit. Consistently funny and interesting, O’Hanlon and McCann are charming company and the best-kept secret in Irish podcasting.

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If you’re a fan of silliness, have a Netflix account and some frequent flyer miles to spare then why not have a look at the second season of The Birthday Boys from producers Bob Odenkirk and Ben Stiller. Sketch comedy is subjective and I despise hyperbole (even more than I despise those murdering bastards Isis) but this skit – about old timey songwriters Goldhoff and Steinstein’s faltering attempts to write a pop song  – is one of the best sketches ever: