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Tittererer’s Digest |61| feat. Loads Of HeadStuff Contributors

Hey there. A special Tittererer’s Digest this week. HeadStuff Contributors are a special bunch. I’m particularly partial to our amazing humour contributors. In honour of Jupiter’s extreme visibility in the night sky, there are a relative buttload of events featuring HeadStuff Contributors going on. Let’s have a look.

1. Andréa Farrell – Who Loves You?

HeadStuff Contributor Andrea Farrell -
Andréa Farrell, having a laugh.

Andréa Farrell is a comedian. If you’ve seen her live or listened to the HeadStuff Live Podcast you’ll know that she has one of the most unique comedic voices in Ireland right now. Amazingly, she hasn’t done a solo before. Until now. Andréa Farrell’s first solo show Who Loves You? is in Whelan’s for one night only on March 2nd. You’ll have massive, crushing FOMO if you don’t go. And HeadStuff columnist Alison Spittle is going to be supporting her. What a time to be alive.

2. The Alison Spittle Show

Speaking of HeadStuff Contributor Alison Spittle, The Alison Spittle Show is back in The Workman’s this Friday Feb 26th. Alison’s guests will be 2FM DJ Louise McSharry, actor/writer Mark O’Halloran and house band Neil Anderson. The previous two shows have been gas and this one is going to be no different. A plethora of HeadStuff Contributors are involved behind the scenes as well including Giles Brody, Ellen Tannam, and me, Alan. The last show sold out so get there early and get one of the comfy seats.

3. Couples Counselling

[youtube id=”-7CnIpPg8SI” align=”center” autoplay=”no” maxwidth=”550″]

And speaking of Giles Brody, he’s written and directed a farce as part of the Scene + Heard Festival. Couples Counselling is about this:

Rob’s psychiatrist Dr. Green hates him. He’s due a couple’s counselling session with his fiancee Bernadette. Anticipating the worst, Rob asks his pal Guppy to pose as Dr. Green.

It’s on in Smock Alley on March 1st + 2nd and it stars Edwin Sammon (Republic of Telly, Bridget & Eamon, and most importantly HeadStuff Contributor), Stephen Colfer and Hannah Mamalis of Dreamgun who should be very familiar to Digest readers, and Philippa Dunne of Diet of Worms.


Speaking of Diet Of Worms (I can do this all day), Diet Of Worms member and former HeadStuff Humour Editor Shane Langan made this excellent video for TV3’s The Seven O’Clock Show encouraging you to vote for Martin, a man who isn’t actually running in the election.

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5. Voters’s Guide To Election 2016

Speaking of elections (Boom 5-hit combo), HeadStuff Contributor Jonathan Victory sent us this very informative guide to the parties hoping to secure your vote on Friday. The future of the republic is at stake so pay attention.

[youtube id=”YGZqJywEff0″ align=”center” autoplay=”no” maxwidth=”550″]

6. 2 Become 1

Fred Cooke and Kevin McGahern -
A pair of Blueshirts; not the fascist kind, the comedy kind. via

Speaking of republics (wait for it), Republic Of Telly (nailed it) stars Kevin McGahern and Fred Cooke are bringing a very special show to Vicar Street on Feb 27th. Kevin McGahern of course also featured alongside Andréa Farrell in the HeadStuff Live Podcast. Fred Cooke has no known associations with HeadStuff yet. They’re both super funny and talented so who knows what’s going to happen at this?  Literally anything (that you could imagine happening on a stage) could happen.

7. Needlework

Ces longs to be a tattoo artist and embroider skin with beautiful images. But for now she’s just trying to reach adulthood without falling apart.

Needlework isn’t a comic novel so I’m breaking a lot of rules by including it here. However, I make the rules and I say it’s fine. I’m including Needlework here because its author is Deirdre Sullivan, creator of possibly the most beloved HeadStuff humour series I’ve had the pleasure of presenting to you all, Raw Talent. If you’ve read Raw Talent, you’ll know that Deirdre Sullivan can write so Needlework is a must-read for me. Deirdre’s launching Needlework today, Feb 25th in Eason’s, O Connell Street. Hopefully, now that her book is out in the world, Deirdre will return to her true calling, the adventures of Fox Maison.

And that’s all of them! Such an amazing group of people we’re tenuously linked to here at HeadStuff right? HeadStuff Contributors = The Best. Right, I’ll see you at one or more of these things. Say hello if you see me. Byeeee.

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