Artist Spotlight | Conrad Ashton Talks Inspirations

Conrad Ashton was nine years old when he witnessed Pete Townshend’s exhilarating stage presence at Live 8, changing his life forever.

He knew he wanted to make music and soon after picked up a guitar. By the age of eleven, he was writing his own songs and beginning to develop his own unique style. As Conrad got older, music became an outlet for his struggles with depression and anxiety, and an escape from the nine-to-five grind. Infusing his music with sincerity and remarkable passion, Conrad has an undying belief in himself and his music, and hopes to inspire and entertain.

Conrad Ashton shares modern rock music that is firmly rooted in a classic pop sound. He has a no-nonsense approach to creation and performance—he is simply himself. A constant student of music, Conrad keeps a steady focus on writing eloquent lyrics that remain humble and relatable for every song he writes.

#1. ‘Got To Get Better In A Little While’ – Eric Clapton

A lot of this lyrical content resonates with me, I feel it really tells a story and gives hope and optimism.


#2. ‘What Is Life’ – George Harrison

This has inspired me in so many ways. The riff, the drums, and just the whole mood of the track in general and the lyrics. It’s just such a beautiful song.

#3. ‘There She Goes’ – The La’s

I’ve always said if I meet a girl who reminds me of this song, she’ll be the one! Hahaha hasn’t happened yet like! But love this riff and the chord changes have inspired a lot of my early music especially on ‘One For The Road ‘ just love the vibe of the track.

#4. ‘Suspicious Minds’ – Elvis Presley

I wouldn’t be anywhere without the king. The man had everything, the voice, the style, the presence. I idolise the chap. And this is just peak Elvis for me, when he was at his best. For me, as well, this was his best live song ever—so much energy!

#5. ‘Glad All Over’ – The Dave Clark Five

That driving four-to-the-floor rhythm and the general energy of the song is just lovely, as is the instrumentation. The Denis Payton sax and the iconic wall-of-sound style production make it a favourite!

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