NO ENCORE #049 | Nailed it.

There’s mere days to go until NO ENCORE LIVE at The Workman’s Club, so it’s little wonder that Dave Hanratty, Colm O’Regan and Craig Fitzpatrick are in a lively mood this week. Grizzled veterans that they are, though, there’s another busy week in the world of music to get through – and from Dave’s adventures at Drake to Colm’s apparent infuriation at Lana Del Rey, through Craig’s BRIT Awards pain and the new LP from heartbroken heartbreaker Ryan Adams, they cover the lot.


ACT ONE: For once, Dave was only the second most gloomy chap in a room – Drake popped by 3Arena last week! A full recap of the arch-miserablist’s visit to Dublin, plus an extremely early edition of Craig on Kanye.

ACT TWO (9:40): Craig was forced to watch the BRIT Awards so you didn’t have to; the events of the music world’s 37th most important night are pored over in detail, with updates on Billy Corgan and Chris Brown to follow for anyone who wasn’t already giving up on the world.

ACT THREE (22:25): The week’s hottest new tracks land under our trio’s critical gaze; long-awaited new material from Ride and At The Drive In, the returning Lana Del Rey, and a new HEALTH tune get the once-over.

ACT FOUR (40:02): The lads come together over a break-up album; Ryan Adams’ Prisoner. The preposterously prolific singer-songwriter took his time over album No. 16 – but is it worth yours?

ACT FIVE (47:12): In the second instalment of the NO ENCORE Listening Guide, Dave takes the reins on a journey through the gem-studded back-catalogue of Nine Inch Nails.


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