Colm and Daithí welcome Totally Irish host John Barker to the NO ENCORE presenter’s chair this week, as both Dave and Craig get a head start on the Christmas shopping. They miss a cracker, too; Paul Noonan drops by for a chat, the long-awaited LP of Earl Sweatshirt gets the once over, and there’s a big old bundle of news and views to sort through.

ACT ONE: The venerable J. Barker Esq. takes the reins as conversation swings from Daithí’s mystical Dingle experience, Colm’s 1975 past and the Longitude line-up to how Katy Perry is putting that annual (i.e. June-to-June) paypack to use.

ACT TWO: The wonderful Paul Noonan drops by to discuss 20 years of Bell X1, solo projects, and Marxism at the mixing desk.

ACT THREE: Earl Sweatshirt has returned – but he’s not hanging around. A 25 minute sprint of melancholic hip-hop, Some Rap Songs is up for discussion – shit we like, or not worth leaving the house for?

ACT FOUR: Dance-country, electro-emo and R’n’Funk – yeah, it’s a wild one for Songs Of The Week.

EXIT MUSIC: Squarehead – ‘Always On’