#30 | Dr. Thamil Venthan Ananthavinayagan: A True World Citizen

In this captivating and moving episode of Sparking Change, Dil speaks with fellow Sri Lankan (more on that in the episode), Dr. Thamil Venthan Ananthavinayagan (don’t feel bad, even Dil has some difficulty pronouncing it!).

Since finishing his PhD in NUI Galway, Thamil now lectures in international law, international humanitarian law and international criminal law at Griffith College Dublin, since September 2017. He describes himself as ‘Tamil by ethnicity, German by heart, Dutch by fondness, Irish by spirit, and Italian by love’—a true world citizen! Thamil has written two insightful articles on the topic of immigration, for thejournal.ie (here and here).

In this episode, Dil and Thamil enjoy a wide-ranging conversation on topics such as, Thamil’s circuitous route to Ireland, his father’s role in politics during the Sri Lankan civil war, spotting unicorns in Ireland, the re-emergence of nationalism, what Ireland means to Thamil, and Sri Lankans’ fear of the fourth floor, as well as Dil and Thamil’s complex relationship with their country of origin.