Episode 04: The Violinist

The Violinist.

This Episode of The Eighth delves into the field of ethics, or moral philosophy, to see how it can help clarify a lot of our gut instincts around the issue of abortion. Ciara speaks to world-renowned Professor of Bioethics in Princeton University, Peter Singer; Professor Maureen Junker-Kenny, Head of Religions and Theology in Trinity College Dublin; and Dr Helen Watt, Senior Research Fellow and former Director of the Anscombe Bioethics Centre, Oxford, UK.


Produced by Ciara O’Connor Walsh

Executive Producer: Alan Bennett, HeadStuff

Production assistance from Paddy Walsh and Brian from HeadStuff

Artwork: Eimear Gavin

Max Richter, The Blue Notebooks, On the Nature of Daylight
Max Richter, 24 Postcards in Full Colour, The Picture of Us
Nine Inch Nails, Ghosts I-IV, Ghosts I