Episode 08: Difficult Conversations

We’re being asked by campaigners for and against repeal to get out and talk to our family and friends before the 25th of May – to have conversations about why voting is so important, and about which way to vote. Turnout will make or break the campaign for both sides, and given we have so many people who are still somewhere in the middle, conversations with people who they love and respect could be the deciding factor.

In this episode of The Eighth, Ciara and her husband Paddy bring up the *awkward* subject of abortion with their families, who have a mixed bag of opinion… including Ciara’s sister Katie, who does a complete 180 after listening to the pro-life episode of the podcast.

Also, the wonderful Taryn DeVere gives advice on how to start these conversations and how to make them meaningful if you are planning on raising the referendum at home, at work, or in the pub. You should 100% read Taryn’s excellent piece, How To Talk To Your Anti Choice Dad, and follow her super-duper-repeal-y and inspiring Twitter feed,@TarynDeVere.

**A note from the producer:

It was brought to my attention that I got a point of information confused in my conversation with my brother last week on this episode, and I’d like to correct that. The proposed legislation states that up to 12 weeks, a woman will arrive at her decision regarding her abortion with the support of one doctor. After 12 weeks, two medical professionals will essentially need to ‘approve’ the abortion on serious mental and physical health grounds amounting to a risk to life. I wanted to clarify this mistake, and recommend the site Aboutthe8th.com for clear, non-legalese information on the proposed legislation.


Thanks to my very patient and deadly family for letting me ask them some pretty tricky questions for this one.

Produced by Ciara O’Connor Walsh

Executive Producer: Alan Bennett, HeadStuff

Production assistance from Paddy Walsh and Brian from HeadStuff

Artwork: Eimear Gavin

Music: Devin Townsend Project – Ghost – Infinite Ocean / Chvrches – The Bones of What You Believe – You caught the light