Episode 09: Reflections, Predictions

This week, Ciara and Paddy reflect on the journey of making The Eighth, what they have learned, and where they think the chips might fall tomorrow. Ciara speaks to political analyst Johnny Fallon to make predictions about the count, to Elle and Lisa out on the canvass in Dublin, and Ciara’s sister Emily speaks to some of her friends on the eve of the vote. Then join Ciara, Paddy, and a cameo from the lovely Karen from Everyday Stories part 2 as they CAST THEIR BALLOTS this morning. Now get out to vote everyone… Your voice matters.


Clips from ITV, Channel 4 News, The Telegraph, NBC, BBC
Produced by Ciara O’Connor Walsh
Executive Producer: Alan Bennett, HeadStuff
Production assistance from Paddy Walsh, Emily Hannigan
Artwork: Eimear Gavin


Sinead O’Connor, Thank you for hearing me
Ghosts I-IV, Nine Inch Nails