#30 | The Suss with The Suss

It’s 30 up for The Suss. The political podcast for Ireland’s locked out generation also turns 1 this week. Ever wondered why we do what we do? This week we’re in a laid back mood, more akin to having a loose chat in the smoking area of Workman’s than being in studio.

First on the agenda, Steph gives us the inside scoop on the Taking Back The Web conference currently taking place. This conference is run by the Centre for Critical Media Literacy at Dublin Institute of Technology. The centre aims to facilitate a range of media research, production, learning and community engagement, with a commitment to equality and diversity. Its mission includes scientifically informed and timely studies of the changing technologies that underlie media.

There’s also plenty to say about the ongoing race for the Áras. We’ve got the suss on this week’s TV debates. We even reveal where our votes are going and why. We’ve plenty to say about the manner in which Dragon #3, Peter Casey’s campaign has brought Irish politics to a new low.

Following this, we look back at our highlights of the last 12 months. Before embarking upon another period of sussing things out, we revisit our motivation for wanting to get into the podcasting busine. Alternative media should always seek to add something into the broader media sphere that isn’t already there.

We hope that we have managed to do that in some small way since we arrived on to the Headstuff Podcast network last October. We get real about moments that made our jaw drop and ways that our amazing guests have challenged our own perspectives.

Exit track – Danny Nedelko – IDLES