#1 | The Budget 2018

The Suss is a fortnightly current affairs podcast discussing the biggest stories in Ireland and beyond – This week we look at the Budget 2018.

Too busy to read the papers? Sick and tired of your social media feeds clogging up with clickbait? Fret not, The Suss got you.

Each episode of The Suss will take a central topic, there’ll be a range of guests invited to speak their minds plus analysis of the weeks biggest stories.

So, pop the kettle on and join hosts Glenn Fitzpatrick and Stephanie Costello as they wade through the spin, media circus and buzzwords to find out what’s really going on.

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Episode #1 – The Budget 2018

On the inaugural episode of The Suss we kick things off with a discussion about The Budget 2018. Is it just a set theatre piece? Do people really care about it?

We catch up with artist Stephen Quinn who opens up about his disappointment following budget day announcements.

Plus, we look at the last two weeks biggest stories. From the powerful #MeToo hash tag, the governments response to Storm Ophelia, terrorist attacks in Somalia and the release of Ibrahim Halawa.

Listen to the end to find out who takes the titles on our first Dope and Most woke of the week!


Produced by Brian Brennan
Music: Decepticon by Le Tigre
Artwork: Patrick Murphy