Dating app for the morning after the night before

You wake up, woefully hungover, and remember the hot guy or girl you chatted up in the queue for the bar but couldn’t find the rest of the night. Or maybe your eyes met in the middle of the best gig of your life but you never found out who your soulmate was. You now have a second (and sober) chance to connect.

Screen 2_largeWhatifi call themselves a “next day event reconnection app.’ It’s a new dating app that seems tailor made for Irish nightlife. ‘Whatifi?’ uses your location to connect the dots of where you were the night before and links you to other people at those clubs, pubs, festivals or gigs. If nothing else, it might be useful to remember just how many bar hops you did during that pub crawl. And don’t worry, only you will be able to see your timeline. Your potential matches will see only your shared venues and you can opt out of data collection for your privacy.

Alternatively, maybe you and your future lover never even met at the packed festival but the next day you’ll have a chance to connect with people with a shared taste in venues, music, band or DJ. Automatically there is common ground between you. This puts Whatifi ahead of the average dating app usually based merely on your current location and looks. Whatifi goes further than these and is more likely to connect you to people with similar social circles and interests. The creators make sure you don’t get random messages from strangers without accepting an introduction first and this adds a layer of exclusivity and control lacking in other dating apps.

Screen 4 Female Users_smallFounder Ken Fitzgerald thought of the idea after being in a busy Dublin pub after a rugby game. He thought there must be a way to connect people who have a similar social life and could be a perfect match but never quite meet for whatever reason. Fitzgerald has a degree in organisational psychology from University of London and a business graduate from Griffith College. His co-founder Conan Moriarty is the technology guy with a master’s degree in mobile computing from Trinity College. Ireland’s technology scene is booming with an international presence so it is great to see Irish entrepreneurs also coming up with brilliant ideas. Whatifi is great for users but also for business. For businesses and event promoters who sign up, the app gives insights into the demographic attending their events and venues and can notify users on a night out of interesting events happening in real time. 

So if you didn’t pull last night, or had a miserable time, your night out might not be a total loss yet. Whatifi keeps the possibilities flowing and might even make that hangover seem less horrid.