#16 | Talking Spice Girls with Seann Walsh and John Colleary

‘Do you think it helps being so ugly doing stand-up?’

This week of Up To 90 comes live (and inebriated) from Vodafone Comedy Festival 2018 in The Iveagh Gardens, Dublin, as Seann Walsh confesses to his formerly consuming Spice Girls obsession.

We talk Limewire, putting your destiny in the hands of an iPod shuffle, favourite Spice Girls, moving to Brighton from London as a young ‘un, doing stand-up in playgrounds and garnering quite the South London primary school following, serving seafood risotto to Supergrass lead singers, saying ‘LOL’ without irony and of course the perennial debate of our time: Blur versus Oasis.

Listen out for a guest appearance form the KING of Irish comics John Colleary (who of course turned out to be a Spice Girls roadie…obviously) as he reminisces about England vs Ireland riots on the Kilburn Road, his preference for All Saints and even dons his glasses just so we know he means business.

Obviously it’s totally unacceptable to record people while under the influence and throw caution to the wind, so please feel free to get in touch about how we’ve let ourselves and our families down at Twitter and Insta @Upto90Podcast.

ALSO please don’t forget to support our mate @seannwalsh on the upcoming series of Strictly Come Dancing where is sure to show off his amazing hair and keen ability to decipher new meanings from Spice Girls classics (Two Become One will never sound the same again).