#30 | Uri Geller

‘Yer man who bent the spoons’

This week on Up To 90, we talk Uri Geller: most famous for his claim to be able to bend spoons and keys with his mind. An international star in the psychic circuit, Geller is a Hungarian/Austrian who was born in Israel and has claimed for many years that he’s had visions and may get his powers from extraterrestrials. He calls himself a psychic and has sued several people for millions of dollars for saying otherwise. His psychic powers were not sufficient to reveal to him, however, that he would lose all the lawsuits against his critics.

His arch critic has been James “The Amazing” Randi, who has written a book and numerous articles aimed at demonstrating that Uri Geller is a fraud, that he has no psychic powers, and that what he does amounts to little more than some cleverly presented old-school trickery.

We thrash out these Randi-Geller issues, talk media appearances and all things magic, make insanely insightful analogies and join innumerate amount of previously unsolved dots. We also chat friendships with Michael Jackson, repeatedly remind Julie what an illusionist actually is and discuss all things ‘out-there’ in our bendy spoon special

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