#53 | Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky

‘I did not have sexual relations with that woman’

This week on Up to 90 we talk the epitome of the American dream, the man born into a single-parent family in a Arkansas trailer park who went on to become the leader of the free world: William Jefferson Blythe III aka Bill Clinton.

Born in Hope, Arkansas, 1946, the charismatic Bill Clinton swiftly rose through educational and social ranks to become one of America’s youngest ever governors in 1979. Dubbed the ‘comeback kid’ he lost his seat before securing re-election and went on to secure the Democratic ticket in 1992 before ultimately defeating the incumbent President George HW Bush.

Known for his stewardship of economic and social reform he became only the second Democratic President to be returned to office and it was during this second run the shit really hit the fan.

We chat how a sex scandal nearly toppled the presidency, discuss slut-shaming, cyber-bullying and misogyny of epidemic proportions. We talk Donald Trump, betrayals, lies, Hilary, perjury, abuse of power, criminal prosecutions and of course we discuss THAT dress.

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