#69 | Muireann O’Connell

‘I quite liked Baggins’
‘Do you mean Bradley Wiggins?’
‘Yes. Yes I do.’

This week on Up To 90, our favourite ginger duo are joined by the inimitable broadcaster/presenter extraordinaire Muireann O’Connell to chat all things 90s.

We talk boxes, bulges and musical educations as we explore Muireann’s Limerick teen years. Rose tins, fusion bands, The Cranberries, illicit medications, free gaffs, familial contraceptive mistakes resulting in gargantuan age gaps and Freaks and Geeks are all touched upon as the ladies offer solutions to big big issues.

We also discuss tattoos, bellybutton piercings and toffee pops. An effortless segway into favorite cereals unearths a shocking secret from Muireann ’s past involving RESPECT bags, Community Game athletics and the man with the bulge: Mr Christie.

In an Up to 90 first we delve deep into first periods – specifically why was it a cause for mass celebration across Limerick housing estates?

***Trigger warning*** Emma discloses a shocking secret from her friend circle involving cards and fathers and menstruations which some listeners may find distressing

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