Featured Artist| Amanda Shirlow

Amanda Shirlow is a contemporary artist living in Coleraine N. Ireland. Her artwork is a blend of photography, installations, street art, and food art. In her photography installation, Microscopic Worlds, she uses tiny figurines against a backdrop of everyday items, to depict relatable scenes from a new perspective.

I believe that all artwork should have some form of connection with the viewer whether it be through interaction or an emotional connection.

I like having a level of audience participation in my artwork. I want the audience physically involved in the piece and in some ways they actually become the art piece. As Duchamp says: “the viewer completes the work.”

I always believe you should play with your food whether that is in the kitchen or using it as a medium to create artwork. This is why food plays a big part in my installations and also is great for creating landscapes for my miniature photography. Food and along with other random objects allows me to build the microscopic worlds that these tiny people can inhabit.

More of Amanda’s work, and images from her other installations, can be found on her website.

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