Edinburgh Fringe Diaries | Aug 10th

Just two updates today. One from Heber Hanly and one from Anthony Riordain.

Heber Hanly

We’re almost a week in to the fringe and I’ve only just about settled. Accommodation woes are sorted and I now have a comfy fold out couch to call my own. A few days ago when I was incredibly sleep deprived Google decided to show me a picture of the ha’penny bridge and I began welling up with homesickness. When asked by my friends roommate how long I had been away from home she was shocked to find out that it had only been 4 days. In my defence it has felt a lot longer. The show is up on it’s feet now and is actually a joy to perform.

Shout out to Davey Reilly for providing a couch for the first two days and Alison Spittle for making me a delicious and much needed stir fry for lunch. They both saved my life. Also I’d like to add that if you can get to see Nicole Henriksen in any capacity, do it. She is both a treat and revelation.

Anthony Riordain

Five days in. I’ve noticed I’m not getting as much of a buzz from stand up gigs at this stage. Back home I average two gigs a week, the buzz after a set lasts for a day or two. Here I’m averaging three gigs a day and I feel nothing. Today has just been tough. I can feel my depression creeping back in. I end up drinking outside alone after a rough gig & decide to buy a ticket to Chris Gethard’s show “Career Suicide”. He opens up about his own depression and mental health and over the course of an hour I’m enthralled. I’ve always been a fan since “The Chris Gethard Show” but this is something different, he’s found his calling as a performer. He manages to connect with everyone in the room on a personal level, all whilst making them laugh. I leave the Pleasance Dome inspired. That’s what I want to do with my comedy. That’s what I want to do with my life.