The Irish Times Says Sort Your Life Out Karen

Sometimes the entries in the Irish Times What’s Hot, What’s Not index seem a little too specific. Almost like the writers are talking about a very specific person. A person named…Karen. We added the name Karen to the end of What’s Hot, What’s Not entries to prove our very solid tbh theory.

What’s Hot, Karen?

For January we’re thinking of smartening up beds with crisp new linens from the sales…Karen.

New gym kit doesn’t make that 7am workout any easier, but at least we look good…Karen.

Venison, a yummy winter warmer. Just don’t call it Bambi stew…Karen.

The Legacy (or, Arvingerne) is the latest Danish TV treat on Sky Arts. And you thought your family had issues Karen?

Dying hair ashen gray – If Girls star Zosia Mamet is brave enough…Karen

Royal and cobalt blue will make you stand out from the autumn browns and greys during these darkening days…Karen

Opaque tights –  It’s time, Karen. Rejoice.

Key West signed to a US music label – Catch them busking on Grafton Street while you still can…Karen

Jasmine tea. A cup of calm – and it’s high in powerful antioxidants. Get it down you Karen.

Is there a better way to make a potential employer aware of your suitability than putting your face on a giant marshmallow Karen?

Wild West – Think less spurs and bandanas and more fringed jackets and long knitwear…Karen

Ismails on Baggot Street – Fresh cut chips at 1am, twice fried and delicious. Hold the curry sauce…Karen.

The 1970s are alive again with the current trend for cropped sailor-esque jeans…Karen.

Cashew milk – Okay, we know you may be sick of trendy milk alternatives but, seriously, try this. It’s velvety, creamy texture is a darn good substitute…Karen

What’s Not, Karen?

Getting back on the treadmill…but oh so much slower Karen.

Bins finally got collected. But where did that facial voucher go? Karen???

Dyed armpit hair – A trend for 2015, they say. Really Karen?

Brass taps – They may have lured you at first but have you tried polishing them Karen?

Loosen up and give Christmas a go. We know you really want to Karen.

Losing one glove – Reason enough to buy multiple (cheap) pairs Karen.

#FirstDateSelfie –  Cringe if it doesn’t work out Karen.

Black and orange  – The colour combo is our least favourite thing about Hallowe’en…Karen.

Craft beer – In the time you’ve spent faffing around with samples at the bar you could be on your second pint Karen.

Oktoberfest – Queuing for sub-par buckets of beer when good craft labels are everywhere? Karen???

Solid stuff – Regressing to normal eating after costly three-day juice cleanse. That was just a total waste of hunger and money, wasn’t it Karen?

Liquorice jelly beans – Awful shock when you bite into one…Karen.

Buying essays online – On many levels, it’s not worth it Karen.

Morning sleep daze and you pick up the wrong toothbrush. Gag Karen. Gag.

“Fashion-forward’: may we ban this term Karen?

Spiders love autumn: just be nice and guide them outside, no need for shrieking…Karen.

ESB and UPC call-out times: are they a secret of Fatima or what? Just give us an appointment and we’ll be there Karen.

What’s that? You need to put on a warm sweater? Bet you feel bad complaining about that heatwave now…Karen.

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