Tittererer’s Digest |108| feat. David S Pumpkins

Hello again. This week I’m coming to you from a bus and so I am assuming that you are reading this on a bus. If you’re not, stop what you’re doing and get yourself on a bus. Preferably one of those newfangled ones with USB ports to charge your device. Then you can read and watch the entertainment below with peace of mind as you ride the chuckle shuttle.

1. David S Pumpkins

Vulture has published an oral history of Haunted Elevator, the SNL sketch that last year gave the world David S Pumpkins. The piece includes some choice Tom Hanks anecdotes. Make sure you read it before the animated special ruins David Pumpkins for all of us. Any questions?

2. Stuff I’ve Stolen From Work

Giles Brody of the Mess Around and the Sunday Sermon podcast has a new sketch about things he’s stolen from work. That is very literally what it’s about.

3. Friday the 13th

Comedian Grace Mulvey has made a spooky sketch featuring a serial killer, which I believe are in at this time of year.

4. Conan Drives with Tom Cruise

Conan O’Brien has taken a page from the books of his fellow talk show hosts and comedians. He’s pivoted into car-based celebrity entertainment. His guest for this first attempt is Tom Cruise, the bartender from Cocktail.

Before I Go…

The good folks at ClickHole have re-upped their wonderful Conan sketch so he’s a second hit of the literal giant of late night.

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