Tittererer’s Digest #28 (feat. Chilli Dogs)

Hello again, how have you been? I’m sorry that I forgot to do a Tittererer’s Digest last week. Luckily, absolutely nothing happened in the world of comedy that week. This week, Jerry Seinfeld said a thing and then Limmy said a thing but lots of people who are much more qualified than me to speak about those things have said things about those things so instead here are some silly articles and videos about the real reason we’re all here: The unspeakable bleakness of 2015. We’ve got emojis, selfies, and men displaying unacceptable ignorance of feminine products. Enjoy.

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Humour Pieces of the Week

The summer is kind of a quiet time for comedy, most of the TV shows are on a break and all the comedians are in their hidey-holes preparing for Edinburgh or whatever the American equivalent of Edinburgh is, Nebraska I think. I’ll check and get back to you. We still have articles though. In the last Tittererer’s Digest we featured a College Humour video about emojis and here we are again with more emojis. I love emojis to be honest. I find them handy for when you want someone to know that you’re about to eat a pizza or when you’re feeling particularly carefree or sassy. The queen of carefree emoji is probably the Dancing Emoji Girl, also known as Salsa Girl. Here’s her diary.

I’m an awkward conversationalist. To use a more precise term, I’m a terrible conversationalist. I’m such a terrible conversationalist that I like to surround myself with narcissists because they’re more than happy to talk about themselves for ages while I think of something to say in reply. My reply is usually something like “oh wow!” and then I pretend to notice something interesting in my drink. When I initially read this next piece, I thought that it was something that I needed to get me out of conversations but now I realise that the ones truly in need of it are the people stuck next to me at parties. Read it here.

There are a lot of diets and cleanses out there which claim to give you a bikini body. This is obviously body-shaming nonsense. However, if you you’d like the kind of body that would look perfect in cargo shorts and a Penny’s t-shirt and more importantly, if you like chilli dogs, then look no further. Introducing the Seven Day Chilli Dog Cleanse.

Clips of the Week

Our first clip, by sketch people Dutch, proves what everyone that has a favourite bookshop has always known: BOOKS ARE DAMNED SEXY. DAMNED SEXY INDEED.

[youtube id=”U12COehOVIw” align=”center” autoplay=”no” maxwidth=”550″]

Next up, a man from College Humour tries to draw feminine products that he’s never seen before.

[youtube id=”6bnTHNVD5zc” align=”center” autoplay=”no” maxwidth=”550″]

And finally, two people try to take a selfie. As my camera roll will attest, this one’s almost TOO real

[youtube id=”RGOc7ETYyAA” align=”center” autoplay=”no” maxwidth=”550″]

And that’s it. Three articles, three videos. That’s your Monday lunchtime sorted. On an unrelated note, I’m getting married in two weeks. Please leave your congratulations and/or The Graduate-style lamentations and last-minute declarations of love in the comments below. Bye.