GOOD Friday, great episode. Yes, we’ve finally done it, and it only took a crucifixion to convince us. To honour this episode’s release day, we’re focusing our Top 5 on the show’s patron saint, Kanye West (sorry Frank). But before that main event, we tackle big news from the My Bloody Valentine camp, somehow round-up all the latest non-fungible controversy and discuss the somewhat miraculous return of The Antlers. Easter might be a moveable feast but NO ENCORE is your weekly music mainstay. So tuck in…

ACT ONE: Craig and Dave brace themselves for what may well be a divisive episode. So… what’s new?

ACT TWO (5:35): Yes, we’ve bought more vinyl. And yes, it’s actually newsworthy. The big question is whether Kevin Shields is really going to grace us with two new My Bloody Valentine albums anytime soon… Other pressing questions this news section: are you interested in a 20 quid Glastonbury show, would you let Matt Willis prick you and are non-fungible tokens “the most disgusting things on the planet right now”? Lindsay Lohan has an answer for at least one of these.

ACT THREE (23:41): Peter Silberman has battled stark hearing problems to deliver The Antlers’ sixth studio album, an unflappable record that finds him opting for zen-like serenity. The lads openly wept when they last saw The Antlers live. How will they react during this album review?

ACT FOUR (39:00): Our Top 5 Kanye West Songs. Have your NO ENCORE bingo cards at the ready. Naturally featuring Craig reading from a 16 year-old issue of Q Magazine.

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