The Suss 25 Climate Change Is Not Your Fault

#25 | Climate Change Is Not Your Fault with Sinéad Mercier

In Episode 25 we promise you an eye-opening conversation about Ireland’s appalling environmental policies and where the buck really stops for action on climate change. Glenn and Steph sit down with Sinéad Mercier, one of the brightest and most exciting young minds in Irish politics. Sinéad is a researcher in Dail Eireann for the Green Party and self-described ‘militant optimist’.

We ponder the themes of personal responsibility vs corporations in the climate change debate and try assert which plastic straw was the one that broke the planet’s back. While we can all do more to play our part for Mother Earth, will it really be enough if we ban straws and maybe all take a keep-cup to work? Or should more attention be drawn to the damage done by a handful of companies, most notably in the oil industry? And what role does the State play in all of this?

We also look at the fallout from David Kitt’s headline grabbing article about the insanity of the Dublin rental market. What does it mean to have an area that you call home? Is it really as simple as upping roots and moving to the other side of the country? Or should we expect more from those with the power and the will to Make Ireland Affordable Again?

What of this year’s race for the Irish Presidency? Is Michael D. Higgins’ re-election a mere formality? We discuss some of the possible outcomes and contenders – with a spotlight on anti-immigration candidate Kevin Sharkey