Tittererer’s Digest |100| feat. One Man’s Trash

Well look at this. Look where we are. One hundred digests. And, like the final runner in a relay, I’m here to bask in the glory. This is the odometer rollover of online content. The e-eclipse. Enjoy it reader for you will not see another in your lifetime.

1. Dublin Fringe Picks

The Dublin Fringe begins next week, running from September 9th to 24th. I’ve got a handful of comedy picks for you to see at this year’s festival.


Conor O’Toole has a newspaper to put together in what promises to be a “seriously interactive” show. Conor co-hosts the Workman’s Comedy Club and also the Firehouse Film Contest.

The show runs September 9th to 24th at 19:00. Tickets available here.

Science Idiot

Ruth Hunter, human and comedy-fabricator, will provide jokes in a science context that is “entirely incorrect”. Ruth co-hosts the other half of the Workman’s Comedy Club and placed second in last year’s So You Think You’re Funny competition at the Edinburgh Fringe.

The show runs September 19th to 22nd at 18:45. Tickets available here.

Murder Town

Erin McGathy has constructed an elaborate murder mystery set in rural California where she is every suspect. Erin presents the This Feels Terrible podcast and frequently appears in Dreamgun Film Reads*.

The show runs September 12th to 16th at 21:00. Tickets available here.

Alison Spittle, Worrier Princess

Alison Spittle presents a show on worry and maybe princesses; I’m not sure about the latter. Alison hosts the eponymous Alison Spittle Show and has a full-blown sitcom, Nowhere Fast, coming to RTÉ soon.

The show runs September 11th to 14th at 20:00 and 15th and 16th at 21:00. Tickets available here.

* There’s a Dreamgun Film Reads show at the Fringe, but it’s sold out so I won’t be seeing you there. However, if you can secure my ticket via murder, etc I would definitely recommend it as one of my picks.

2. Shane’s Brilliant Variety Hour

Comedian and Supervet-lookalike Shane Clifford has released a new episode of his variety hour of variable length. It’s a really wonderful thing. Give it a go before Channel 4 has it pulled from YouTube for unauthorised use of Supervet footage.

3. Awful Gays

In the foreign country that is the past a previous Tittererer introduced you to the a web series called Awful Gays from Mark Keane. The final episode was released last week and it’s hilarious, cringe-inducing and touching all at once. Go back and have a look at the whole series while you’re at it.

4. The Ruth Hurts

The amazing Ruth Hunter returns in a second episode of her hopefully-soon-to-be-commissioned talk show. Her guest is comedian Fern Brady and returning as her sidekick (I think) is Stephen Bradley and his hopefully-soon-to-be-patented ice pop.

Before I Go…

Have you ever walked past a dumpster and been like “yo, I wonder what’s in that dumpster?” That’s how Chris Gethard opens this episode of his acclaimed alternative talk show and it really gets at the essence of that night’s show: what is in that dumpster?

I’ve been saving this for the one hundreth Tittererer’s Digest to emphasise just how good these forty three minutes of comedy are. There’s a mystery. There are stakes. There’s Paul Scheer and Jason Mantzoukas absolutely railroading their host.

And when you’ve finished watching it I recommend reading this oral history of One Man’s Trash from Uproxx.

A few weeks after I first saw this I came to terms with knowing I would never enjoy anything again as much in my life. I’m fine with that. You will be too. Now if you’ll excuse me I’m going to watch it again.

Main image via Fusion