Tittererer’s Digest |139| feat. The Dumb Blanket Show

Hello again, readers. Did you know that? That you’re a reader? It’s an inescapable inevitability of you getting the information in this article. Unless… Siri, is that you again? You know you’re not allowed in here. This content is for corporeal beings only. How can you belly laugh without a torso? Anyway readers, please split your sides with the things below like only an organic can.

1. The Dumb Blanket Show

If there’s two things I love it’s sketches and dumb things. MOB Theatre Dublin promises to blend these things together in a live show on Friday 20 July in Annesley House on North Strand Road. The premise is simple*: two aliens put on a sketch show to save the Earth from destruction and also there’s a raffle. Tickets can be purchased here.

* this is a synonym for dumb

2. Coronation Street Boxset

Gift giving is always a challenge. They say it’s the thought that counts, but that’s the hardest part! Anyway, enjoy Aidan Fitzmaurice’s journey through the birthday gauntlet.

3. Long

There was a long wait for Blade Runner fans before Denis Villeneuve released his follow up to the Ridley Scott classic last year, but do you know what felt even longer?

4. How I Wake Up in the Morning



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