Tittererer’s Digest |113| feat. Hewlogram

Howdy! How are things? Good? Excellent! I’m in a good mood because the title of this article doesn’t include the words “sexual misconduct” for a change. Enjoy some light content.

1. Hewlogram

Remember the 1980s? No? Well, remember everything you’ve watched in the past ten years about the 1980s? Yeah. Hewlogram is an homage to those magical, omnipotent computers of the era and the lossy VHS format that hid the low quality special effects they generated. Plus it stars David Hewlett off Cube and Stargate.

2. How I Deal With Panic Attacks

Brilliant “Shane” Clifford has posted a handy lifehack for dealing with panic attacks, as long as they are not triggered by duvets or tweets.

3. The Moments Between the Montage

Stateside gentlemen Chris and Jack present a short that opens with a slick montage before rewinding to show you the perfectly normal things movie characters do in the long periods of time you never see.

Before I Go…

Okay. Usually I find something old, sometimes well-known, and quite entertaining that you might have missed out on. This week I’m using this space to highlight one tweet in particular:

This may be my tweet of the year. I felt that a simple retweet wasn’t enough.

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