Tittererer’s Digest |118| feat. Cyber-Panel

Welcome back. It’s still January. Somehow. I’m not sure what the exact date is, but I could swear it was the 38th some day last week. Of course, being named after the two-faced Roman god Janus, there’s another side to January and I, for one, don’t relish the thought of that return journey taking another five to seven weeks.

1. Cyber-Panel

The Black Hole in the Wall presents a first for Tittererer’s Digest and possibly Irish comedy: an animated panel show*. This Saturday 27 January at 7pm in A4 Sounds you can watch host James Moran pit two pairs of comedians against each other in a variety of tasks that could end in hilarity or calamity (this isn’t advertised as part of the show, but we all take risks every day of our lives so who knows what could happen).

* I’ve been informed that the animation will take place at a later date due to the nature of time

2. Dreamgun Film Reads: Harry Potter & Silence of the Lambs

Those gunny boys from Dreamgun are back with a magical edition of their Film Reads podcast: Harry Potter and the Magic Man’s Stone. Have you ever wondered what two cast members standing back-to-back in a single large jumper sounds like? Then this is the episode for you!

Additionally, these boy-like guns are performing their next Film Reads, Silence of the Lambs, live in the Sugar Club on Monday 26 February. Tickets are on sale here and will likely be sold out by the time this piece is published.

But what’s that? There’s a second show on Tuesday 27 February and tickets will go on sale for that tomorrow morning! Get in line.

3. The Cans


Shane “Brilliant” Clifford takes on dual roles in this short. (Much like JK Simmons does in the new series Counterpart airing on Starz, which you should all watch as well.) If you have ever worried that every relationship in your life is based around alcohol then this sketch will not reassure you in any way. There’s also a song at the end, which I’d like to see more of both here and in general.

4. Say Steamed Hams Again

Look, I know I was all talk last week about how I’d found the best Steamed Hams mashup, but that was a lame exaggeration. This one, Steamed Hams but it’s Pulp Fiction, is the height of the genre, which is what they call a type of thing in Paris.

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