Tittererer’s Digest |130| feat. Michelle Wolf at WHCD

What’s up, my people? How do you get to Carnegie Hall? Practice! Within a particular set of skills! Not skateboarding! They don’t let skateboarders into Carnegie Hall! Tony Hawk has a lifetime ban! Speaking of animal-based surnames, did you catch Michelle Wolf at the weekend?

1. Michelle Wolf at WHCD

Michelle Wolf, former Daily Show contributor and host of upcoming Netflix show The Break, performed at last weekend’s White House Correspondents’ Dinner and she made a lot of journalists and politicos very mad. You can watch her act above. I thought it was great. Critics however have been more interested in misconstruing her comments about the press secretary than her takedown of the US media’s symbiotic relationship with the president they claim to hate. You can read her thoughts on the backlash in this interview with NPR’s Fresh Air.

2. Infinity War Credits Rap

It seems Future has taken the mantle from Will Smith for end credits raps. Demi Adejuyigbe managed to capture the end of Marvel’s latest blockbuster on film in his local movie theatre.

3. Insurance Quotes as a Young Driver


Insurance is a scam. Enjoy this sketch about those bastards then go burn them all down.

4. Nick Offerman Enters The New Yorker Caption Contest

Ron Fucking Swanson himself takes a swing at what is either the easiest or hardest job in print media.

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