Tittererer’s Digest |89| feat. Oh Hello

Oh hello folks. I was working away on this week’s digest but I’ve been distracted by some important news. I’ve heard rumour that Cherry Coke Zero is available in Dublin. You can read whatever I’ve put below, because I need to see this with my own eyes so I can be done with Cherry Pepsi Max once and for all.

1. Oh Hello

Anyone familiar with Kroll Show or Comedy Bang Bang has likely encountered Gil Faizon and George St. Geegland, a pair of elderly New Yorkers portrayed by Nick Kroll and John Mulaney. Their broadway play featuring the characters, Oh Hello, is coming to Netflix next week on June 13th.

2. How To Make Soup in Your Toilet

Dublin-based comedian and filmmaker Conor O’Toole has put together a helpful video on how to make soup in your toilet. It succinctly tells you what to do and more importantly what not to do. I am still reeling with worry that there’s olive oil stuck in his u-bend.

3. Workaday

Another entry from this month’s Firehouse Film Contest (Dublin’s best kept secret) is courtesy of Aidan Fitzmaurice and Séamus Hanly. It presents what is possibly an improvement on the previous government’s controversial JobBridge scheme.

4. The Women of Seinfeld

Teri Hatcher and Jerry Seinfeld
image source

The New Yorker recently published a wonderful article that rewrites the synopses of Seinfeld episodes from the perspective of the women that Jerry Seinfeld is dating. I don’t think detailed knowledge of the sitcom is required for reading, but that show is burned into my brain so I can’t be sure.

Before I Go…

Last Sunday marked the end of The Leftovers, an HBO show about grief and coping (that happens to be the best thing ever produced for television). The show was co-created by Damon Lindelof, who is infamous for his work on Lost and Prometheus. Last year College Humor, in the video above, caught him in the midst of another potentially pointless mystery.

Main image via playbill.com