#15 | Trust Women and Repeal the 8th Amendment!

In this week’s Sparking Change With Dil, we are discussing the Repeal of the 8th Amendment: What we know; what we don’t know and (Spoiler Alert!) The 8th Amendment is not just about Abortion!

We are joined by some of those at the frontlines of the debate around the 8th amendment, and we discuss the way in which the amendment affects us all, regardless of our ethnic, social or religious background, and most importantly, what the 8th amendment actually is!

In our first segment we have, Ailbhe Smyth, who has been at the forefront of social issues as a campaigner for LGBTQ+ rights, and the Repeal movement, to tell us how the movement has changed since the 1970s!

Then Lucy Peprah of AIMS Ireland, Claudia Gichuhi of Migrant and Ethnic-minorities for Reproductive Justice (MERJ), Emily Waszak, one of the co-organisers of Strike 4 Repeal, and Jane Xavier of the Au Pair Rights Association will be with us to discuss the pressing issues surrounding maternal healthcare facing migrant women in Ireland, as we reflect on the death of Savita Halapanavar, and Malak Thawley.

Finally, we speak to actor and writer Megan O’Malley about her new play ‘Home’, in which a young woman is put on trial when a Tinder date results in an unexpected pregnancy.