Tittererer’s Digest |110| feat. Nowhere Fast

Good week chums. It’s another digest. You’re welcome. Enjoy, but not too much. There’s a particular band of enjoyment I’m aiming for here. A Goldilocks zone. I don’t want you falling outside of the zone and being thoroughly disappointed when next week’s entry doesn’t meet the high bar you’ve set yourself with this one-off laugh riot. Not my fault. As I said, enjoy.

1. Nowhere Fast

The unstoppable Alison Spittle has a full-on TV show starting next week on actual TV (Even Star Trek is only on some streaming service nowadays). Nowhere Fast debuts next Monday on RTÉ2 at 10pm. The sitcom stars Alison as a young adult forced to move home from Dublin and back in with her parents. The show is written by Alison and Simon Mulholland (star of the upcoming and much hyped Simon Mulholland in Space). Tune in. Or watch it on RTÉ Player. Or get your folks to tape it for you. But watch it.

2. Shane’s Brilliant Variety Hour

Episode four (4) of Shane Clifford’s variety hour (about fifteen minutes) has dropped. It features some tutorials on friends and toilets along with some non-diegetic music that must surely breach copyright laws.

3. Rap-Lash

Everybody wants to see a movie where two utter assholes bond, even if only for a moment, over their obsessive nature and drumming. Luckily Séamus Hanly realised that drums are boring and made a serious improvement to this Best Picture nominee.

4. The Intercession of Wood

Gary Mackey had a DIY query for Woodies. Unfortunately he had to leave a voicemail, but that’s worked out for us.

Before I Go…

Evidence if it was needed of noted auteur Christopher Nolan’s true genius.

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